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Gentle Chiropractic
Every single vertebra of your spine, occiput, hips and tailbone will be evaluated. Chiropractic care will consist of a combination of Activator instrument, SOT wedges, and gentle manual adjustments.  Further assessment of the extremeties such as hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees, ankles and feet at initial office visit.

Clinical Nutrition

Major organs of the body are assessed for weaknesses, and their challenges (such as Food Allergies or Heavy metals) are identified.  A personalized program consisting of natural remedies and whole food supplements will be designed to resolve and strengthen such areas.

Nutritional Counseling

After completing a questionnaire, a review of your current diet will be discussed. Fundamental nutritional information will be given get you on a healthy 

foundation as well as recipes and resources to take away.  

Health Coaching
Nutritional Counseling prerequisite is required.  Follow up visits will consist of review and discussion of your personal environment, lifestyle, and exercises to enhance your well-being.

Yoga Therapy
After Initial Chiropractic Visit, you will be taught breathwork and assisted through specific yoga poses specifically tailored for your needs.  


Initial Chiropractic Visit (comprehensive assessment + adjustment):  $65


​Chiropractic Visit:  $45


Initial Clinical Nutrition Assessment (including personally designed program):  $85


Intensive Chiropractic~Clinical Nutrition Assessment:  $120


Follow-up or Partial Clinical Nutrition Assessment:  $40


Quickcheck (one area):  $20




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