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Radiesthesia: A brief description of an ancient technique that has served us throughout time.

excerpt copied with permission by Dr. Ibrahim Khalil, founder of Biogeometry

What is Radiesthesia Radiesthesia is the science of using the vibrational fields of the human body to access information about other objects of animate or inanimate nature by establishing resonance with their energy fields, using special instruments to decode the information. In Radiesthesia, our body is the main instrument, because what we are doing is entering into a vibrational relationship with the object we are measuring and evaluating the quality of this interaction on our own body. Vibrational Field Matter, from which everything in the universe is a form of energy is an infinite arrangements of atoms made up of particles that are in a constant state of circular motion, i.e. energy interaction. The frequency at which this energy is vibrating determines the density of its expression as matter. Matter vibrating at a relatively slow frequency gives us the solid state of our physical universe. Super imposed on this solid state of matter are energy fields that vibrate at higher frequencies which are beyond our normal human sensory perception, but within the perceptual spectrum of other life forms (common house pets see, hear and smell stimulants that we cannot perceive) These energy fields are unperceived only because the technology which renders them perceivable has not been developed, very much like X rays and radio waves were not perceived not so long ago. These fields that surround all living systems are a series of multidimensional energy fields, that together with the physical state, form the total living body that should be dealt with as a holistic composition. Radiesthesia A Historical Background Radiesthesia, is a word of Latin origin meaning sensitivity to radiation. It is the science of using man’s sensitivity to vibrations to obtain information from the energy levels that are not accessible to our five senses. Simple instruments are used as indicators to measure minute vibrational interactions between energy fields. Radiesthesia has its roots in Ancient Egypt, where it was practiced as a precise science. The applications of this science were infinite; in medicine for example it enabled the pharaonic surgeons to perform complex brain operations that now require highly sophisticated technology. In geology, every gold mine that modern satellites have discovered in the largely uncharted Sinai desert turned out to have been found and mined in earlier millennia by pharaonic geologists. Most striking, however, was the discovery that they used geometrical shapes as a form of energy manipulation to achieve functional goals. The Great Pyramid of Cheops on the Giza plateau near Cairo is an example of the powerful geometrical energy emitters created by the ancient Egyptians, its strange properties, about which hundreds of books have been written, continue to baffle researchers. Some Ancient Egyptian beliefs show persons using pendular instruments, in others we find their Gods holding powerful energy emitters in the form of scepters. A profound understanding of physics behind the science of physical Radiesthesia is a prerequisite for the development of Geometrical energy emitters such as these, so we must conclude that the ancient Egyptian knowledge was based on exact and precise scientific principles. The theories developed by the Greek philosophers such as Pythagoras, Plato and others in the field of Numbers and Sacred Geometry, are only fragments of the esoteric sciences that they were initiated into in Egypt. Unfortunately these sciences have been lost and only simplified misunderstood fragments have survived as ancient folklore and magical practices. The German army used Radiesthesia for mine detection during the First and Second World Wars, as did the American military in Vietnam. It was this science that led Wilhelm Reich to the discovery of Orgone energy, which, although much disputed during his lifetime, has lately been the subject of serious study. Today many institutions all over the world are researching different aspects of this science. Radiesthesia was the launching pad for the science of “Psychotronics” pioneered by the work of Drbal and others in the eastern block. In the West, “Radionics” is another offshoot of Radiesthesia. In Egypt, the Science of BioGeometry uses Radiesthesia as an accurate means of measurement and research after a long thorough process of re-establishment and development of its scientific basis that has been lost for long. Back into its cradle, the science of Radiesthesia is preparing to take another long leap into the future but this time on stable scientific grounds. New measurement instruments are invented to convert quantitative scales into qualitative ones, which contribute to the discovering of BioGeometrical solutions to life threatening dangers of Modern Technology, turning our modern civilization into a human friendly one.

One form of Radiesthesia survived the ages through the Arab Islamic missionaries in Europe during the middle ages and the time of the crusades as a secret science of the Jesuits, and was the main tool Jesuit missionaries used to search for herbal remedies in foreign lands. They also used Radiesthesia as an important means of discovering underground water sources (Dowsing). The French Jesuit priest Abbe’ Mermet became famous for doing this in France and Switzerland. He published an important book around 1930 entitled “Comment J’opere” in which he explained how he used Radiesthesia to detect water and minerals on site and at a distance “Tele-Radiesthesia”. Most of the water sources around Paris and Vienna for example, were discovered in the 18th century by radiesthesia. Radiesthesia, however, is a precise science, which deals with vibrational relationships on a much broader scale, it is; in fact an; extension of traditional physics into new areas. Various names have been given to this branch of Radiesthesia by the modern pioneers of that science. The French physicists Chaumery and De Bellizal called it “Microvibrational Physics” in their book published around 1940 which is still the most important reference on this subject. More commonly, it was referred to as the science of “Energy (waves) of shape” and also as “Physical Radiesthesia”. Chaumery and De Bellizal also discovered that the ancient Egyptian “Wadj” amulet or the “Egyptian Pendulum” as they named it, emits a type of energy that has carrier wave properties, which makes it suitable for communication in much the same way as Hertz waves are used to carry sound across great distances. The Egyptian Pendulum is one of the most popular pendulums in Europe, and is mentioned in many books on the subject of Radiesthesia.

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