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Moringa: another hidden gem (superfood)

Mother Nature does it again! Just when you thought kale was the go-to superfood to eat, along comes Moringa. This lovely plant has quite a history as it was eaten by Greeks and Romans in ancient times. Also its leaves have been used for their quite extensive medicinal and healing properties throughout the ages.

Moringa is a powerhouse of nutrition. It is a complete plant protein containing all nine essential amino acids, meaning that it can sustain human life. Additionally, it is a great source of vitamin A, and minerals such as Calcium and Iron. Just one tablespoon of Moringa contains 15% Calcium and 50% Iron! Yes, all that in one tablespoon!

You can purchase it in powdered form and consume it in a variety of ways: add to your smoothie or shake; mix it into dips or sauces, sprinkle on salads, or even add to baked goods.

I am so delighted with this amazing plantfood and so grateful for the abundant sources of sustenance that the Gardens of our Mother Earth keeps providing for us.

For more information on the seemingly endless benefits and uses of Moringa, go to:

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